What is HOF2Lap?

The purpose of HOF2Lap is to take a saved hot lap replay produced by Grand Prix 2 and extract the most important information from it. Below is some sample output from the program.
HOF2Lap 0.50.0 (Sep 26 1998)
Copyright (C) 1997-1998 David P Gymer, Ren´┐Ż Smit
You may NOT redistribute this program; see HOF2Lap.txt for details.
Please report problems (with hotlaps) to <hof2lap@geocities.com>,
and visit http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/3987/.

*** hotlaps\race.hlp:
 Hot lap for Adelaide
  Level: Ace    Session: Race (distance: 65%)
  Car #31, driven by Dave Gymer
  Power 774 BHP, weight 1335 lbs, frame rate 25.6 FPS
  Lap time 1:17.156
  F1 Auto Brakes      : off     F2 Auto Gears       : on
  F3 Spin Recovery    : off     F4 Indestructability: off
  F5 Ideal Line       : off     F6 Suggested Gear   : off
  F7 Throttle Help    : off     Throttle            : analog
  Steering Help       : on      Brakes              : analog
  Opposite Lock Help  : off     Steering            : analog
   13,8 R36.500:63.500F 30,37,44,50,56,61
             ARB: F 04000 R 0150
28/3/3/16/16/1400/25.5 28/3/3/16/16/1400/25.5
54/3/3/14/14/1000/40.5 54/3/3/14/14/1000/40.5

Authentication code:

The BHP will never exceed 780. It will usually be a few horsepower less, unless
randomization of the BHP is disabled with GP2Edit. (Of course, if you edit the
BHP it may rise to 800 or more.)

The car's dry weight is 1313 lbs; the figure given is this weight plus the weigh of fuel; the figure given is at the start of the lap. In GP2 all drivers are equipped with inertial dampers which prevent their mass having any effect on the car. :-)

In case of a GP2Lap extended hotlap/saved game, the average and maximum PO is listed behind the frame rate. For a saved game, the average is that of the whole race.

A driving aid (such as Auto Gears) is listed as "on" even if it was only used for part of the lap.

The authentication code is a convenient distilled form of the lap which allows the details to be transferred to a hot lap or other competition. It should not be regarded as proof that the lap time it represents is valid; when in doubt, the real hot lap should always be consulted. I have not yet released code which interprets these auth codes to the public.1