GP2TrackBrowser v1.1

Oliver Kirsch    (    28/07/2005

With this tool you can browse folder for GP2-Trackfiles and view some of the GP2Info and a track preview image.
You can select tracks for a set and export it into a gp2lap.cfg file to use these tracks in GP2 (when using gp2lap).
IMHO it is useful if you have lots of tracks on your HD,
I wrote it because I was sick of the chaos and I was annoyed by the fact, that I always forgot the filenames of the tracks I wanted to drive on :)
This package includes German and English language file.

-    Download (133 KB)

You will need the Microsoft .Net Framework to use this software, you can find the link in the readme.txt.
You might also need a file called 'mscoree.dll',  you can find the link in the readme.txt.


New in v1.1:

*Some bug fixes:
-In v1.0 the program had problems when the GP2Info contained letters like "Umlauts" (äöü...) and other "non-standard-chars".
  I noticed that when working on my "Rüsselsheimring" and fixed it.    Should work now for the common used characters I guess.
-Fixed checksum calculation. Something was wrong with it in the last version.
  Although this had no or hardly any effects on the program, I fixed it as I'm thinking of using the checksum in the future somehow.
-Removed a bug that occured when you searched a track from your file list in your track list by clicking the "?"-button.
  The track had not been selected correctly; you noticed that when pressing the up/down keys. This is fixed now.
-Fixed a bug in the "large track image" window. The image in it is always shown as a square (due to the image's dimensions).
  So width/height of the image have to be adjusted to the window's size, aswell as the image's position in the window.
  In some situations the image was not positioned correctly, this bug is fixed in this version.
* Completely worked the trackmap routines over. The program will now not always read the whole .dat-file if this is not necesary.
   It will create a .png-image-file in the program's folder when loading a track for the first time (or when the file does not exist for
   any other reason) and use this file instead in the future.
* Above all the internal image-handling has been worked over so that the program needs way less memory!
   All these improvements will (hopefully) make the program and especially scanning track files faster than before.
* Improved (in my opinion...) the track images by adding some text to it (Track name, country, year, length und file name).
* The program will now save the current/last used track list in a textfile (tracklist.inf in your program's folder) and will load this list on startup.
   This will save time (I hope) and makes usage more handy. The program will not (yet?) determine if a file in
   this saved track list really exists when loading it so it could lead to problems when exporting into a gp2lap.cfg-file.
   Maybe you could get an error message when you deleted one (or more) of the mentioned .png files or when
    you copied the program- directory to another location on your HD.
   If you like to avoid these problems, I recommend not to delete .png files or change the program's folder and if you do, delete tracklist.inf!
* Added a "Clear List" button to clear the track-list directly
* Added a startup-window. It doesn't look very nice and it's use is not great, but as loading the program can take some time when you
   have a big tracklist.inf (=> many files to load to your track list) I thought it would be good to see, that something's happening :-)
* The file's checksum is now shown in the track list. This information is probably not that useful, but we all want information...
   Mainly added it for debugging and decided it won't make it worse to leave it as a feature in the program.