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Original wheels Micropose  Original_Gp2.zip
50's style narrow wheels
 INFO !!!
Author unknown  Wheels50s.zip
From 1960er Carset Martijn Haans  60er_mh.zip
From 1961er Carset Martijn Haans  61er_mh.zip
1975_ansirial   (?) (?)  1975_ansirial.zip
Late 70's/early 80's style fat wheels.
For use with my carshapes.
John Moncrieff  wide_jjm_ende70er.zip
Fat 5 Spoke Goodyear Slicks 
which were used in the 80`s and early 90`s
Christian Bueren  fatgoodyear_80er90er.zip
Fat Rear Wheels Aubrey Windle  80-92fat_rearwheel.zip
Wet wheel for fat late wheel Erik Roy  fat_wets.zip
Slicks for the '80s and early '90s A. Kogas  80Goodyear_slicks.zip
Goodyear Rebrica Saso  tyres_Rebrica Saso.zip
Gold and silver colored alloy wheels PK Arnall wheel_pk.zip
Gold and silver colored alloy wheels James Ariz tyre_ja.zip
"O.Z." Formula 1 wheels Chris Roy tyres_cr.zip
1997 generic wheels Simon Mallett wheels97_sm.zip
Goodyear ? Simon Mallett wheels_Simon Mallett.zip
Bridgestone ? Simon Mallett wheels_S Mallett.zip
Arthur Raynaud's GP2 Wheels A.Raynaud wheels_ar.zip
Pattyres Pat Painter Pattyres.zip
Bridgestone Ulf Jacobsson Bridgest.zip
Benetton Nuno Morais Benetton_NM.zip
Ferrari Nuno Morais Ferrari_NM.zip
Wheels 3/3
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