Cars. Other Racing Series
Year Racing Series Description Author Created .
1998 Formula Nippon PIAA Nakajima Racing - Tom Coronel  Ronald van Duuren 29.03.98
1998 Formula Nippon PIAA Nakajima Racing - Tom Coronel (v2) Ronald van Duuren 28.04.98
2000 2000 Open Telefonica by Nissan Adrián Campos Motorsport Miguel Arias Gómez 01.04.00
2001 Premier 1 Grand Prix These are the first two cars launched 
at the Premier 1 media this year.
João Carlos Juarez Moreno 30.10.01
2004 French Formula Renault 2000  Ecurie Vaillante driven by Christophe Laudat (+helmet) Carpainter 01.10.04
2004 GP2 Series GP2 Series test car powered by Renault as shown in 2004
at the presentation of the new racing series named GP2 
that should start in 2005
Larry Silverstone 13.10.04

Benfica - Premier 1 Grand Prix

Leeds United - Premier 1 Grand Prix

Ecurie Vaillante - French Formula Renault 2000