The carshape distance problem

In GP2 there is a problem, you see the other cars with F1 shapes when your in the cockpit and also when you use one of the many camera views. But there is a solution for it.

You need to have GP2lap installed for this !

With Gp2lap you can change : SvgaRcr1,SvgaRcr2,SvgaRcr3 !

  • Make sure gp2lap.cfg isn't marked "read only"
  • Open gp2lap.cfg (NotePad/WordPad)
  • Go to [Rcr] in gp2lap.cfg
  • delete all the ; in the lines SvgaRcr1,SvgaRcr2,SvgaRcr3
  • Now you can replace the settings for :

  • -SvgaRcr1 : view from cockpit
    -SvgaRcr2 : onboard cameras
    -SvgaRcr3 : track camera's and front/back of car cameras

    Higher distance increases the PO (processor occupation)
    You must try out which settings are good for your PC (10000, 20000, .......)