Perfect Grand Prix
This Season's #1 Add-On Pack!
click here for large box image The meanest, fastest set of add-ons for Grand Prix 2 that you will ever find. This pack is neither produced nor endorsed by Microprose - but it does contain an unbelievable collection of over 15 utilities and patches that make Grand Prix 2 even better! Just look at some of the things you get:
  • 6 brand new cockpits - 3 SVGA and 3 VGA for you to use.
  • Includes a utility to let you customise the car graphics with any paint package that supports .BMP files (eg. Windows Paint, Photoshop, etc.).
  • Download the latest car sets from the Internet for complete up to date racing team colours or add your own graphics!
  • Improved data and stats handling - edit or print lap records, recognise partially complete races, compare car set-ups side by side, and more.

  • New sound effects included - or edit your own.
  • Edit the performance of competitor cars - from 0 to 1500 BHP+.
  • New graphic drivers for even faster action (applicable to most S3 chip type graphic cards).
  • Amazing collection of pre-defined set ups for all tracks and steering devices. Plus now you can define length of a Quickrace, set your own pit spot, use all driver aids at any level, and more!
  • Bigger and more spectacular crashes.
  • INTERNET BONUS! Fully Internet-integrated front end that works even if you don't have a modem - plus free on-line time if you have!

  • PLEASE NOTE: This product requires Grand Prix 2 published separately by Microprose.