Network Racing
To play multiplayer game in Grand Prix 2 there are few choices.
Note! The maximum number of human players in the same race is two!
  • Modem

  • This one is easy. All you need is two modems connected via normal phone line. The drawback is high phone bills. GP2 supports this internally.
  • Serial link

  • Cheap way to connect two computers to each other. However, the distance between the computers can't be more than few metres which may cause problems creating good sound effects for both of the players. GP2 supports this internally.
  • IPX Network

  • Probably the best way to connect two computers. Both of the computers will need a network card to work, but the distance of the computers can be several tens of meters which enables making a small home network. GP2 does not support this internally, so you'll need a GP2lap util.
  • TCP/IP Internet

  • Because GP2 does not support this internally, you can't get the same options than with the other games. You'll need an IPX compatible network card and GP2lap util to make a connection (see IPX network section above). After it, you'll use Kali to forward the data via Internet to other computer. The drawback is that it's not working properly and you'll need to pay your ISP fees.
  • Internet Racing League

  • With this option you cannot feel the joy of the head-to-head mode, but you'll get a chance to show how good driver you are. Another drawback is that someone else collects the results and posts them after few days of waiting. 
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