Geoff Crammond
by masayard ?
The author of the game is Geoff Crammond, he has been responsible for most of the innovative games to appear in the auto
simulation world, he previously wrote the original version of Revs for the BBC Micro. It was based on Formula 3 racing at
Silverstone (the old circuit without the Vale complex and with the chicane at Woodcote) and was developed with help from
David Hunt (James Hunt's brother), who was racing in British F3 at the time. The track was quite accurately reproduced and
the game played quite quickly. The game had practice, qualifying and race sessions like F1GP, but it didn't have pits and
you started your practice and qualifying sessions out on the track! There was also an expansion pack released which
contained four other British tracks, Oulton Park, Snetterton, Donington Park, and Brands Hatch. Revs was also released on
the Commodore 64.

He then wrote Stunt Car Racer for the Amiga/ST (and the PC, although the conversion is reported to be poor: 4 color EGA
only; the port was apparantly not done by Crammond) which was as it's name suggests was a stunt car racing game. The
main aim of the game was to race another stunt car around an elevated circuit, trying not to fall off. Getting in your way
were large gaps in the circuit which had to be jumped by hitting a ramp at the right speed. Too slow and you went down the
hole, too fast and you cracked the chassis. When the chassis was fully cracked, your race was over. The best part about
this game was the two player serial option which allowed you to push your mates off the track

After that he made Formula One Grand Prix/World Circuit. The game was amazing! We had never seen game like that.
Driving the car is so realistic, that the game is still played all around the world. Game was based on season 1991. Game
was released in 1991 for Amiga, and after a little time for PC. PC version was even better! Game runs fine with 386 and when you have 486 graphics are suberb.

Geoff was more ambitious and he made better one, Grand Prix 2. He made the game nearly 3.5 years and finally finished it, 8 months later was planned. Game has now
amazing 3-D graphics engine and computers cars can think. This was the biggest improvement compared with F1GP/WC.