How do I choose the best graphic setup for my system?
Choose SVGA and automatic. The program will choose which textures to leave on to get a frame rate between 18 fps and 20 fps. Or try turning off and on different graphics to see what the frame rate will be.
How many cars are in each race?
Are there one or two qualifying sessions ?
Two qualifying sessions, usually Friday and Saturday. Only in Monaco, Thursday and Saturday like the real sessions.
How is damage represented graphically? 
Car parts flying loose, cars floating through the air, engine blowups and cars catching fire to name a few. 
What happens when you get stuck in a sand trap? Do you leave the race or can you continue?
You can get out of the traps but you lose time because the wheels are spinning causing your car to slowly leave the trap.
When there is a failure in your car, can you get it fixed in the pit or are you out of the race?
You can repair broken front and rear wings and flat tires. 
Can you steer and brake in the pit or does the computer do this for you?
You can steer and brake in the pit.
Which tracks are new compared to the original Grand Prix/World Circuit?
It is the 1994 season. New: Aida, Jerez. Left out: Phoenix, Mexico.
How do the controls compare to the original Grand Prix/World Circuit?
The controls are much more sensitive in Grand Prix II. 
- Pushing too hard on the throttle when coming out of a low-speed corner will result in a 180-degree spin. 
- If you lock up the brakes, clouds of smoke can be seen in the rear mirrors and the car begins to slide in the direction you are facing. You won't be able to control the car until you release the brakes.
- Hit the curbs too hard at high speeds and your car becomes airborne.
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