Working on a Dreamcast version of GP2

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Working on a Dreamcast version of GP2

Post by DreamcastUK »

Hello everyone,

I'm in the (very) early stages of getting GP2 to run on the Sega Dreamcast, as the Dreamcast was due to get GP3 and sadly this never happened, the plan is to try and get either an updated/patched version of GP2 running on the Sega Dreamcast or GP2 in it's original form.

There is a version of DOSBox for the Dreamcast so my plan is to first look at getting the original GP2 version working and then update to look more like GP3 and then work on getting that running on the Dreamcast.

If all else fails I will try to get the Amiga version of GP1 running on the Dreamcast and then try to update that as best as I can.

As I'm new here to the forums just wanted to say hey! and will always welcome anyone to help with testing/building or any input they want to provide :)

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Trying to bring GP2 to the Sega Dreamcast
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Re: Working on a Dreamcast version of GP2

Post by MaxX »

Nice project, best of luck with that :) It is very nice to see GP2-Fans still releasing content after more than 25 years now.

I suppose this version will support to be played with an Emulator? I only have retropie with Dreamcast Emulator, but still have to set it up. Somehow I missed Dreamcast that days back, because I focussed on PC via modding friendliness.
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Re: Working on a Dreamcast version of GP2

Post by narva93 »

Looks awesome but please make it avaliable for emulators :D
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Re: Working on a Dreamcast version of GP2


Any update? :)
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