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New task. the "jet" carset.

Posted: 29.05.2011, 01:07
by nimrod111
Hallo guys. If you remember, some time ago I posted two cars that had liveries taken by aircrafts. They were the Mikoyan-Gurevich car and the JAS-Saab car. Now, I think they must have some mates :mrgreen: . So, the new idea is an entire carset made of aircrafts.
The main thing I thought is to use the national aerobatics teams liveries (as I did for the Mig car), or special commemorative liveries (as the Draken Saab was). The real problem are the drivers. Who am I going to recruit? :-k

For now I painted other two unfinished-prototype cars. The first is based on a special Luftwaffe's F-104

Notice the 104 number and the F-104 air intakes (yes, it is the car I talked about in the 3d of the fanset 2011.)

The second, well, have I to explain it? This is the proud of the italian nation, the "Frecce Tricolori" display team.

Stay tuned and suggest if you like the idea. :D

Re: New task. the "jet" carset.

Posted: 29.05.2011, 08:22
I think we had once a Carshape for those Vehicles :D

Nice idea, as usual a great idea :D