Damage File update

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Damage File update

Post by DEHUMANIZER95 » 31.03.2011, 15:38

Do you love flying wheels and wings? Do you think that the default GP2 Damage is boring and unrealistic? Do you want a best as possible Damage File? Well, I've created now a damage file you can simply load in GP2edit and export it in the game. I think it would be fit perfect an Indycar and the F1 1994 season. It's in the following WinRar archive.

If I find more time I'll update over seasons (F1 2011 e.g) also ;)
F1 94 & Indycar Damage.rar
Install guide is in the Archive.
(451 Bytes) Downloaded 261 times

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Re: Damage File update

Post by nimrod111 » 01.04.2011, 17:17


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Re: Damage File update

Post by RacerBG » 08.04.2011, 13:13

I will check it;)

BTW: I want too to make a damage file for GP2 but first I will study what is doing the value :)

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