The NL² 2010 Carset Topic

Here you can present your WIP or new cars and/or stuff you made for GP2
roland ratzenberger
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Re: The NL² 2010 Carset Topic

Post by roland ratzenberger » 14.12.2010, 16:13

thank you all for the final carset great.. and thank you nl2 team for all your great work all this years .. be well friends

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Re: The NL² 2010 Carset Topic

Post by Peze » 14.12.2010, 18:38

It has been great service to have these excellent carsets during the season =D>

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Re: The NL² 2010 Carset Topic

Post by MaxX » 14.12.2010, 21:58

rremedio wrote:Thank you again, Tim and David! For this one more perfect carset and for all your works all these years.

I hope you guys keep posting here in the forum when you have time available.
Nothing to add, my best wishes too :)

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