gp2 and steering wheel

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roland ratzenberger
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gp2 and steering wheel

Post by roland ratzenberger »

hello guys.. i am asking this question. IS IT EASY TO SET UP A STEERING WHEEL TO WORK WITH GRAND PRIX 2? i just have seen this video and if it is so easy to set up.. i will certaintly buy one.. if anyone knows please answer to me :D :D

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Re: gp2 and steering wheel

Post by ismael »

I currently still don't have a wheel, but I had in the past and back then it was easy to set-up. You just had to connect the wheel, get to the calibrate joystick menu and it was intuitive, almost following the instructions. I was 15 years old and I'm a non-native English speaker, so honestly it's not difficult.

Sometime ago I tried to calibrate a borrowed one but D-Fend Reloaded stopped it from working. I can understand better both dosbox and d-fend Reloaded so eventually I'll try again.

The author of the video you shared also says it was easy. I see in this forum and elsewhere some reports of people saying it's quite difficult, but again I think the problem is when you don't quite know how to fix (like when I tried and didn't understand D-Fend Reloaded) I think it's definitely worth a try!

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