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The return...

Posted: 20.08.2017, 00:05
by RacerBG
A picture is worth a thousand laps in GP2! - RacerBG

I'm working nowadays so don't expect from me a huge file blast for GP2, maybe an explosion. :mrgreen: I will try to finish my fantasy (NFR) series carset and my fantasy carshape for it. Also I will see what can I do for the other textures in GP2. And don't forget that I want to play it too! :P

The picture is from the native Sao Paulo 1994, I have a new grass and road textures specially for You, guys!

Okay, Andreas, I will send you the file and also, please remove the link about my menu pictures and track maps, I'm not updating this site anymore.

EDIT: E-mail sent.

Ohh, I'm preparing new menu pictures and 1994 track maps too... Stay tuned!

Re: The return...

Posted: 06.09.2017, 12:03
by RacerBG
The carshape for my fantasy carset is ready. You can see on the picture both Car 1 and Car 2.
shape 2.png
Next up: The carset itself. :)

Re: The return...

Posted: 20.06.2018, 11:12
by DaSilva82
Hello my friend,

I am still trying to find a way to change the menu pictures but it will not work with gp2hipic. Since I read you are preparing new menu pictures, I was hoping you can help me with this.