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Post by Nebur » 03.05.2007, 16:19

I remember Arrows doing something similar in 2000, only then right above the side pots :lol:
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What is this ???

Post by Chico Landi » 03.05.2007, 17:57

It's Tragic !!!! :roll:

Chico Landi

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Post by AD » 03.05.2007, 18:33

It looks a bit weird, but with the kind of car they have they obviously think they have to try anything to make it better...

It's to be seen whether this kind of wing will have large effect. McLaren, as one news site her claims based on a 'Marca' report as original source, supposedly thinks their new "nose sandwich" ;-) wing didn't have a large effect...
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Post by V12-Power » 03.05.2007, 21:13

Christian Klien (who tested this wings) set the slowest time today. These are good news I think as this thing is very ugly!
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Post by TdK » 17.05.2007, 15:24

TdK wrote:- It took me more than 12 hours... :dumppc:
- A lazy arm, actually 2 lazy arms... :cry:
- And is available in my set after the Barcelona GP...!!! :D
I've send my Spanish Gp2 set to AAS, so it will soon be available with a small suprise for you all.... :wink: 8)
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Post by V12-Power » 18.05.2007, 09:03

I'm really curious about the small suprise!! I just can't imagine what it could be! :wink:

BTW: I'm looking forward to the new performance data. Your last one was very good! I enjoyed it very much during the last days (with the Red Bull and DC).
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