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Re: New tracks for GP2 - Antonio Pessoa

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samsepi0l wrote:
21.03.2024, 07:32
I am driving your donington park in my current 1994 f1 season and I love it. Thank you for making this track. I know they did not race here in 94, but I added 4 races from similar years to make it a 20 race season.
Great to hear you are enjoying Donington :D

This time it's going to happen.
A different behaviour from Rio de Janeiro authorities, who are taking a more serious approach right now with Guaratiba circuit project. Surely a better approach than that of the ridiculous Deodoro project before the pandemic, which deserved my parody on Bozoring.

Guaratiba could born with a very similar track layout than 1977-1994 Jacarepaguá, but mirrored! Interesting!
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Re: New tracks for GP2 - Antonio Pessoa

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Those are great news! And thanks for putting it here, I hadn't heard it before (sorry - don't always follow news from Brazil).

Would it be clockwise or anticlockwise?

It doesn't make sense for the city and state of Rio de Janeiro not to have a solid and decent racing circuit. Keep it up!
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