TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

Here you can present your WIP or new cars and/or stuff you made for GP2
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Re: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

Post by TdK »

Sepang - Malaysia, 2017:
Sepang - Malaysia - 2017 (TdK).zip
(408.68 KiB) Downloaded 32 times
Enjoy! Have Fun!
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Re: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

Post by ismael »

Hello Tdk,

Allow me to thank you, in the name of all the community, although I'm sure everyone would like to say thanks on their own! Nothing against the previous Sepang tracks (in fact it was published here, recently, a second Sepang version that I didn't know and haven't tested yet!), but I was not fond of the very first, older version. I can't wait to try these tracks, when will my holidays arrive?!!

I'd like to renew a request I've made here before. ... ane#p36083
Suzuka is the last of the great big tracks that doesn't have a really good updated modded version. We know RRemedio has been working on it, but I believe it is his chance to take some time off of GP2 ... ane#p34081
And he's fully entitled, he worked a lot on this...
Is there any chance that you could develop a updated version of Suzuka, and preferably in a version retaining the old 130R and the old Casio Triangle?!...
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Re: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

Post by samsepi0l »

I would love to see some of the vanilla 90s and 80s tracks redone more accurately (like Michael has been doing)

I spend my free time making tracks for icr2, and I have no clue how to make gp2 tracks. I would love to learn someday. Given the sheer quantity of gp2 tracks available it is probably easier to make a quality track for gp2 compared to the time needed to do the same for icr2.
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