TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

Here you can present your WIP or new cars and/or stuff you made for GP2
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Re: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

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Well, there is already a 2020 carset i noticed, the one by Eky, but it is nice for you guys to have a choice, right!?! :)

It's still WIP, but it is coming your way this year :wink: :D
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Re: TdK Gp2 Stuff (WIP and bits)

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always nice to have choices .. for example there are 3 carsets for the 2019 season.. 2 with cooperation bewteen me and gagarin and the other one this of eky.. i think all of them are great and everyone has the option to choose whatevet he likes. the ekys 2020 carset is great. But because i know the quality of your work i will be happy with a 2020 carset by your side

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