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Re: Lotus and Lotus

Post by nimrod111 »

jakesanson wrote:
nimrod111 wrote:I don't understand why in your opinion Ferrari isn't a honest team... :-k
Austria '01 & '02, Monaco and Monza '06, Spygate '07, Hockenheim '10, any more evidence needed??
First of all, I have to say that I agree with team orders (when necessary, of course).

Second, you have to distinguish the various cases.

Austria '01 and Hockenheim '10 are cases of a normal team order. I think that was a stupid behaviour by Massa to resist Alonso in that way. I think Enzo Ferrari would have fired him after the race...

Austria '02 was a useless team order: Schumacher didn't need to win that GP...

Monaco '06 is a Schumacher fault. But you forget that Senna and "old school" drivers did even worse maneuvers (look at the battle between Senna and Alboreto in Austria 1987)

Monza '06: well, that was not a good thing, I admit it.

Finally, in the spygate 2007 Ferrari was indeed the DAMAGED team...

Make a sum of my speech...there are only two situations not good (in ten years). I think even other teams did things like those...Think about the results of the Jerez gp in 1997, or (worse!) Australian gp in 1998...Why don't you say that McLaren behaved in unhonest way that time?

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Re: Lotus and Lotus

Post by rremedio »

Well, most of those issues are internal things to Ferrari. I was talking about all those unfair punishment other teams/drivers have (since I was young) when Ferrari needs them out of way. While Ferrari is never punished when doing the same things, or when doing things that really deserve punishment.

But this topic is not about Ferrari.
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