GP of Monaco

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Re: GP of Monaco

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Well, FIA will change the regulations now to exclude mis-interpretings.

But the Massa-thing: Why didn't he, do you think, get a penalty?
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Re: GP of Monaco

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As I said, Massa did not receive any penalty since he did not take any big (nor small) advantage on others runners by putting a wheel on the yellow line.
The problem is that this rule is not really a strict rule. As long as it will be "interpreted" by stewards, it will end up with this kind of things. In my opinion, a rule should be effective "as it is", without any interpretation by anyone. You stomped the line? You're f***ed, no matter if you're 1st or last.
That is also the case of Hamilton, a couple of races ago he defended his position changing his line 2, 3, 4 times on the same straight. It hasn't been said that a driver could change line ONCE? Again, the marshals "interpreted" this snake-going as part of the "show", as a loyal but strong fight to avoid being overtaken, and again no drive through for him.
If I were the guest marshal instead of good ol' Damon, I'd probably voted for the drive through for both of them...
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