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2010th Safety Car

Posted: 26.02.2010, 15:11
by HF
Today, reading my rss-feed of, I thought: WOW NICE!

For you, that you will be able to understand:

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> :shock: :mrgreen:

Re: 2010th Safety Car

Posted: 26.02.2010, 18:29
by AD
I half expected this to happen when the base car was presented to the public, so I guess I could, for once in my life, at least have pretended to be a betting man. :D

I quite like some of the subtle styling cues that seem to point back to the old, 20th century 300SL, while at the same time maintaining a modern design, not unlike the SL that was the previous official Safety Car model.

Re: 2010th Safety Car

Posted: 26.02.2010, 18:38
by Greyhead
I love it!

I'm not usually a fan of "retro"-styled cars. I studied automotive engineering way back in the mists of time and so I have very clear ideas about car design looking to the future rather than to its past, but this is done very well, it's a great looking machine.