What is this?

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What is this?

Post by HF »

Hey guys,
I've just found a picture on f1onboard.com:

What is this tiny thing on the nose?
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Re: What is this?

Post by MaxD »

I suspect its either a camera being tested or added strength for a revised front maneplane/front wing design...

Kinda reminds me of the ones we used to see on the 1988/89/90 Benetton Fords...
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Re: What is this?

Post by Greyhead »

It may be a device to test the aerodynamic loadings on the front wing as the car is out on track. Obviously on-track data is different to windtunnel data (as Honda found out a couple of years ago).
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Re: What is this?

Post by AD »

I think you're right with your assumption, Greyhead, this definitely looks like measuring equipment they would use during testing only. The wires connecting it to parts of the front wing suggests it's indeed some kind of load testing / measuring device.
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