Comeback of Michael Schumacher

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Re: Comeback of Michael Schumacher

Post by AD »

I can't say I'm in any way excited about this finally having been confirmed. I can see how this makes sense for Mercedes as a team/manufacturer and for Schumacher as a driver, though. However, he's already won about all and everything in terms of Grand Prix racing, so if it happens again, it won't be anything new, it won't be a miracle, it would simply be the continuation (or re-affirmation) of what people already knew. Now, there's no reason this shouldn't happen, but it doesn't have to, either.

To me, the perspective of the last couple of years, seeing younger drivers in the best cars who had to come into their own and didn't have that kind of famous lighthouse of a driver to constantly be compared to (or compare themselves to) was more interesting. Also, I would have appreciated it more if Mercedes had, for example, given the big opportunity of this second cockpit to one of the successful lower Formula drivers that have been associated with their brand for years now, but have had their careers diverted to the DTM for the time being. While this obviously wouldn't have generated a fraction of the buzz they've already managed to receive by now, by associating themselves with Schumacher, I would have seen it as more of an investment in the team's future, rather than a bit of a nostalgia trip, no matter how understandable and well-motivated it apparently is.
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Re: Comeback of Michael Schumacher

Post by TdK »

I think it's great to have him back, and i really hope he can keep up with the younger drivers, which i'm not sure off. But hey, we will have the greatest F1 season in years. Only a shame Raikkonen can not be a part of it... :cry:

On the other hand i hope Mercedes won't give him a car that is as good as last year. To quote famous Dutch F1 reporter Olav Mol: He saw his former teammate Barrichello winning races in that car, he saw Button become world champion, a man he only looked at through his rear-view mirror, with that car, Ross Brawn as principal, his biggest F1 friend together with Norbert Haug, what the hell!, if they can to that!, then THAT! is the place to be for winning my 8th championship. :D

I think it's just the situation, and i believe this is playing on the background for much longer than the last weeks/month. I do believe they discussed it (maybe with a laugh) when Brawn took over Honda a year ago... :wink:
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Re: Comeback of Michael Schumacher

Post by jakesanson »

I quite like the fact he's coming back, even if I don't like him.

It is exactly what the sport needs and I care about the sport more. However, if he is the same as he always was, I will still dislike him.

I'm sorry, but everyone says he's one of the greatest racing drivers of all time, if not the greatest. But I just disagree. There's a difference between great racers and great drivers. Senna and Schumacher both fall into this category, they are probably the best DRIVERS the world has ever seen, but I don't think they are great RACERS.

When a situation arises when they have to panic, for example Suzuka 1990 for Senna, or Jerez 1997 for Schumacher, they think that crashing into their opponent is the best solution, and that's not racing.

Schumacher particularly is guilty of this: Adelaide 94, Jerez 97, Buenos Aires 98, Monte Carlo 06, Budapest 06. It shows that he can't change and he would rather break the rules and try to get away with it, than race fair and square.

Should make next season interesting though!!
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Re: Comeback of Michael Schumacher

Post by MaxX »

jakesanson wrote: ...
When a situation arises when they have to panic, for example Suzuka 1990 for Senna, or Jerez 1997 for Schumacher, they think that crashing into their opponent is the best solution, and that's not racing.
I totally agree with you in the Schumacher statement, let`s see what happens. He always used dirty tricks and used to get away with it (not in Monte Carlo 06 of course) but unfortunately this seems to be tolerated by the FIA (just remember Hamilton in Monza 2008...). I never liked Schumi that much for this style of driving but still I am happy that he is back. Maybe Hamilton can learn some tricks from him that he doesn`t gets caught next year when being outside the reglement ;)

For Senna, well IMO that Suzuka thing was a product of what happened before (FIA Boss Palestre made some very strange decissions 1989 and 1990 in the favour of his compatriot Prost) and doesn`t reflect Senna`s true driving style. He drove very hard and did not think that much about his actions as Prost did but in that situation (the starting grid line was changed to the "dirty" line with less grip after Senna set the pole) I`d probably would have done exactly the same.

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