The F1 2022 season

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The F1 2022 season

Post by MaxX »

Soon the new chapter of F1 will start, what are your thoughts and expectations?

Personally I really like the new look and some liveries and cars look really great. I even like the pink BWT components on the Alpine, the mix with main blue is really well done. I have never been into the all pink livery, but this is very well done.

I hope that we will get a very tight field and good overtaking as well. Can`t wait for the first race. Maybe we get a shocker like we had in 2010 with more drivers with championship chances in the last race and various drivers scoring victories. Also since 2010 we only had either Red Bull or Mercedes win the titles, I hope we have another team and driver on the top spot this year.

Ah, and a very good compilation of circuits to race, it will be difficult to chose 16 for GP2. :mrgreen:
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Re: The F1 2022 season

Post by MTSElectro »

Loving the way the new cars look! Hoping for a competitive season with more than two teams fighting for the title. I have a good feeling about Ferrari this year, expecting Carlos to get his maiden victory and maybe both he and Charles will fight for the title. McLaren also looking handy, could potentially have four teams fighting at the front. More than anything, I just hope it's an exciting season!
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Re: The F1 2022 season

Post by narva93 »

For a start I am expecting a carset from the 2022 season :P
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