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Re: GP2RW pool

Postby racer63 » 09.03.2017, 23:20

No, let´s obbey trules. For AAS or HF to show up

Ismael so you´re saying multiplayer races, just like the old email races?

Ill with flu sorry can´t think clearly right now.
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Re: GP2RW pool

Postby ismael » 10.03.2017, 13:51

Racer63, you're saying when I mentioned three human players? No... it's was just a joke, as I was comparing the GP2RW with the 3 players and the F1 2016 with Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Ok, let's wait then. It may take a while, as I haven't seen Andreas Schulz here since I discovered the website - and myself have been away from GP2 for almost a decade and a half - but, for me, there's no hurry, I am not going anywhere.
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Re: GP2RW pool

Postby racer63 » 19.03.2017, 18:27

Ok guys let´s get this going.

Roberto, can you send me the new user team? So by now we´ll have 4 "human" teams, the rest will be covered by cc´s with the 2015 liveries, last available for gp2 with 2017 Driver names.

Rules will be published this week but will be not much different from previous GP2RW season. Calendar will be the same as real f1, being the first venue Bathurst or Surfers Paradise, Australia.
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Re: GP2RW pool

Postby rremedio » 21.03.2017, 03:45

I've sent him a mail and I will post his info as soon as he replies it.
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