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Re: Help with new tracks

Postby bb49 » 17.03.2017, 15:34

Alboreto's Athlone
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Re: Help with new tracks

Postby bb49 » 17.03.2017, 15:54

Okay, I know I came on this forum, it's now three years ago, and promised I had a lot of circuits, and until now, nothing...

I suppose because GP2 is my favourite hobby this is all very interesting, so I'll recount. The computer I had all my tracks on was an old Windows XP, towards the end of 2014 it gave up. I lost all my tracks. I bought a second hand Windows 7 for Christmas 2014, and early 2015 made a whole new bunch of tracks. One of them I re-worked and re-worked and .... and re-worked til I liked it. It was a very fast circuit, so I decided to dedicate it to all the drivers who have died or suffered greatly since 1990. But I made it the Irish Grand Prix, so it is also dedicated to Irish F1 drivers.

The thing is, in early 2016, I went on holiday, and when I came back my computer and ALL MY BACKUPS had been stolen. I had even paid $600 to get back the lost circuits from the dead hard drive of the old computer, and all the backups of that were gone. Some of my old circuits, such as Rosengarten, I had painstakingly made a fast CC-line, good track height values, and interesting graphics for, and all the work is lost... now all I have is the basic track. But most of the circuits were completely lost. I bought a new computer, ironically another Windows Xp, but I felt dejected and any new circuits didn't inspire me. I gave up.

Somehow recently, I felt re-inspired to try and recapture, from memory, some of the tracks I had lost. Although a lot of them aren't really working out, somehow, my re-working of Athlone is just beautiful. It's just exactly as it was, I did that from memory after a whole year! I've uploaded it here for you to enjoy racing.

This is a track dedicated to the spirit those who lived life on the edge. When I finished making the original track, and named all the corners, only then did I realise that Michele Alboreto, who drives the Minardi in microprose GP2, had died all way back in 2001 and I felt bad I didn't name a corner after him, so I decided to name the circuit after him. It's basically three S's - fast S, slow S, Medium S, then a bunch of fast corners that just miss the barrier, and a bit of dramatic track height! Enjoy!
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Re: Help with new tracks

Postby rremedio » 21.03.2017, 03:46

Fun track! :D :D
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