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Geoff Crammond

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I've been thinking lately about Geoff Crammond and his place among the true geniuses of humanity. What this man managed to achieve almost single handedly is nothing short of incredible. In my opinion he deserves to be mentioned among the greatest geniuses and minds of all time.

I consider him not only the father of simracing but also the godfather of AI (before it was "cool"). nobody's come close in all this time.

Let's not forget he was coding in assembly language which very few people understand anymore or even at the time. Let's think about it, how much do we really know about magic data? What about the performance values? Even the most basic things we know nothing about, its all guesswork. We fiddle with things, play with numbers and values, edit, but the end of the day we're stabbing in the dark. Its like trying to understand the mysteries of Pi or the Mandelbrot set. What he created is beyond normal programming or engineering, its bordering on magic and wizardry.

After 30 years people still don't know the inner workings of this Sim, and there have been great contributions from many intelligent people in the community I don't want to minimise their efforts or achievements, but we must humble ourselves and realise that next to Geoff we are nothing.

The implications of this is that his creation will almost certainly remain a mystery until the end of time. His secret will die with him. His legacy immortalised. But only a select few (in global terms) will ever know of his genius.

It also makes me sad that this great talent is wasted. Imagine what this man could've done in the last 22 years. Has he secretly kept developing the Sim? Or did he abandon his project leaving it a fossil in time? What would his AI have become on his private 2024 gpx build? Its unthinkable.

He disappeared for 22 years yet this man is still living and breathing on some quiet corner of the planet. Imaging being able to pick the brain of Nikola Tesla, Plato, or Pythagoras. To understand the designers of the antikythera mechanism or the pyramids of Giza. But they are dead and Geoff is alive.

We have a living genius among us, I can only dream of a reality where Geoff is silently improving his creation, year after year, and will one day release to us the definitive gpx version. I hope he is in good health and living a good life. The joy he has provided us for 40 years is immeasurable, and his body of work has and will continue to stand the test of time.
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