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Re: A new track ?

Posted: 15.04.2023, 05:24
by Murilo67
ismael wrote:
14.04.2023, 16:17
Murilo67 wrote:
06.04.2023, 22:38
ismael wrote:
03.04.2023, 20:08
Hello Murilo67, which versions are you looking for? I think I can provide different versions for most of those tracks. That there's even a second Sepang version. Which season are you planning?
I don't have Bahreins' 2010 nor Covid version, though :lol:
I need Sepang and Barcelona 2009
Hello and sorry for the delay.
I have two Sepang versions; I never tested track_sepang but I suppose sepa02 is better.
Regarding Barcelona layout version between 2007 and 2020 ... lunya.html I think the best option is Roberto Remedio's 2019.


Re: A new track ?

Posted: 17.10.2023, 20:31
by ismael
"Regarding Suzuka, I could be even more demanding: along with a contemporary version, we could also have a side version bending/mixing the 1987-2001 versions, or focusing on one of them (like it was in 1994, for instance)."

Let me just confirm that Michael82 has finished his Suzuka work and totally complied with this request of mine! Many, many thanks!
The first time I got out of the pitlane, I dived smoothly to turn 1, as it is so fast - so realistic, unlike the vanilla version.
Then, going through Dunlop, I keep my "foot" down to check I could go through it - and I ended up in the barriers, just like I dreamt of!! :lol: :lol:
Oh, and doing a quick race, I was faster than the slower cc-cars over Dunlop - but no way of overtaking them round the outside, a la Jacques Villeneuve (Portugal 96), like in the vanilla version. I still have a lot of work to do if I want to be competitive!

The GP2_Suzuka_1989 is really incredible and the ultimate Suzuka version!

Re: A new track ?

Posted: 14.11.2023, 09:45
by samsepi0l
Let me say - I know Michael built Monza '84 a while ago but I just raced at that track in my '84 season and I am watching the real race on video (I downloaded a torrent of everything from 1980 to 2001). This work you did Michael is amazing. The sponsors and all of the little details are spot on. I'm laughing as I watch the race on video because even the braking points I picked for the adverts are right on. Fantastic work! I had to tune the magic data a bit to get it where I was competitive mid-pack (but I do that for every track) I had the rear of the car set a little too stiff and I ended up spinning twice in a full 100% length race and finished 16th but it was a ton of fun. Next time I will make sure to soften the rear springs just a bit and soften my rear dampers. Where I had a problem was braking and entering the campari castle chicane (I always outbraked myself there it seems like) and I had some issues getting back on the power coming out of the slow corners in the first goodyear chicanes. (car wanted to get loose under power in 2nd gear). I was fast through parabolica and could get past cars there though. Exiting the ascari chicane the car would want to swap loose a little bit if I was on the limit when I flicked it to the apex going into the last part of the chicane- but stiffening up the front low and high speed dampers mostly fixed that. I was also faster than the CCs through the second lesmo corner as I could take it mostly flat in 4th or 5th gear so passing going down the straight towards ascari was also possible if I get a good draft. I started the track with my original microprose monza setup but had to make some changes mostly because I think Michaels version is more accurate and tighter in places like it should have been from microprose. (Kind of like his Monaco is way more accurate than original Microprose Monaco)