A new track ?

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Re: A new track ?

Post by Murilo67 »

ismael wrote:
14.04.2023, 16:17
Murilo67 wrote:
06.04.2023, 22:38
ismael wrote:
03.04.2023, 20:08
Hello Murilo67, which versions are you looking for? I think I can provide different versions for most of those tracks. That there's even a second Sepang version. Which season are you planning?
I don't have Bahreins' 2010 nor Covid version, though :lol:
I need Sepang and Barcelona 2009
Hello and sorry for the delay.
I have two Sepang versions; I never tested track_sepang but I suppose sepa02 is better.
Regarding Barcelona layout version between 2007 and 2020 https://www.racingcircuits.info/europe/ ... lunya.html I think the best option is Roberto Remedio's 2019.

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