Its been 2 years...

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Its been 2 years...

Post by RacerBG » 15.08.2012, 18:06

...since Im here. :) Well 2 years and 6 days but who cares? In this time I had learned A LOT for GP2 and F1GP and started to like them even more than before (in 2010). After some weeks I was even able to mod them properly which is amazing because if you want to mod one game you must study at least 6 months or 1 year but GP2 was very easy and F1GP was for NO TIME! I was finally able to create my dream series - NFSF, which now are developed in my own game (2D) here - ... easons-4-8 (this is the latest version).
Im still motivated to do work for GP2 and because Im in vacation I can do that. 8) In the other hand the old software became my second nature and even now Im feeling in home at Windows 3.11 (and Im modding it a lot)!!! In this enviroment Im able to run programs for F1GP and some times for GP2 from my home HDD with Windows 7 in it.
Also I had met nice people here (the community itself) and I had saw a lot of nice work.
My English also had improved a bit (for technical things).

And finally I would like to THANK YOU all for SO MANY THINGS. \:D/ I have been here 2 years, I will be here at least 20 more (if the net still exists). :)

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Re: Its been 2 years...

Post by MaxX » 17.08.2012, 09:40

tempus fugit ;)

Nice to have you here and GP2 is still one of the best racing games. I don`t know any other one with such a vast amount of tracks, cars, mods, etc.

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Re: Its been 2 years...

Post by tecnorge3 » 17.08.2012, 09:46

Congratulations 8)

Well, I might play GP2 again on a virtual machine :wink:

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Re: Its been 2 years...

Post by racer63 » 19.08.2012, 22:27

:wink: Some months of no GP2 activity. :mrgreen:

I just played GP2 in a PIII, after looong years.

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