JPC - a x86 PC Emulator in Java

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JPC - a x86 PC Emulator in Java

Post by DEHUMANIZER95 » 11.10.2011, 14:44

I found something interesting: A Dos Emulator in Java, called "JPC". Should also work with Mobile Phones, but not with every.
It could be also possible that you can run GP2 with it...

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Re: JPC - a x86 PC Emulator in Java

Post by rremedio » 11.10.2011, 15:39

It runs in the browser, I think you'll need a very fast computer to run a game like GP2 (my android 600mhz mobile surely won't do it). But it's worth watching its development (if there's any...the latest news from their website are from 2009).
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