Baku-like track?

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Baku-like track?

Post by ismael » 27.06.2017, 11:17

We don't have Baku F1 track nor I think anyone is building it. Which is the current track pack circuit most alike with Baku? With walls, 90 degree turns, long straights?

I would say Phoenix. Only missing the castle section.

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Re: Baku-like track?

Post by Zenrique » 28.06.2017, 01:34

The circuit most alike Baku is Pau, France.

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Re: Baku-like track?

Post by eky78 » 17.09.2017, 11:33

mhm....I think Valencia is closer to Baku...long straights with wide road then narrow sections...complete different scenery though

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