Grand Prix 2020 version

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Re: Grand Prix 2020 version

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ismael wrote:
26.07.2020, 17:58
This is just a renewed thanks and compliment to Thomas Kost and Roberto Remedio for making and delivering the Portimão track that, against my own expectations, is going to receive F1 this season.
did you already create that sexy 2020 trackpack? :D

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Re: Grand Prix 2020 version

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Hello Carles, I have my own list of tracks, although I didn't compile it as a trackpack (I'm not sure if zip format would do. Please note that although I'm a frequent commentator here, I have limited modding skills).

I'm quite lazy regarding Magic Data. I always follow the slot suggestion given by the track builder in the Readme txt that comes with every track - unless the track builder doesn't give any suggestion, which happens especially with John Edwards' tracks (which are quite cool).

So I chose almost every track that it's part of 2020 real-life final version of the championship, although in different slots from real life. Some of these tracks are not in the list of tracks of the site because they are recent, Andreas Schulz still hadn't the time to update them and so they are in the forum. Basically what happened is that every time a track builder updates it to the forum I eagerly download it! Aside from new tracks and 2019 and 2020 versions of tracks, there are some others, like the 20 new tracks recently delivered by Antonio Pessoa.

I'm playing with these:

Slot 1 Portugal Estoril 2007
Slot 2 Bahrain Bahrain
Slot 3 Emilia-Romagna Modified Imola, John Edwards
Slot 4 Eifel Nurburgring
Slot 5 Spain Barcelona 1995-2006
Slot 6 England Donington Park
Slot 7 Russia Sochi
Slot 8 Britain Silverstone
Slot 9 Germany Hockenheim
Slot 10 Hungary Budapest 2003
Slot 11 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps
Slot 12 Italy Monza
Slot 13 Austria Red Bull Ring
Slot 14 Tuscany Mugello
Slot 15 Algarve Portimão
Slot 16 Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

I had an issue with Turkey track so I put Donington instead, as F1 could have gone there if it had FIA Grade 1. I put Portimão in slot 15 hoping that works well in that slot. Put Estoril in slot 1 because I'm Portuguese and, well, one could reasonably put it in a Covid F1 calendar, next to Portimão. It even has FIA Grade 1 level (I don't know how). I could have put Jerez or Aragón too, but they're at slot 14 and that is ocuppied by Mugello and, as I mentioned above, I don't change suggested slots. For this same reason, modern Hockenheim seemed fit for slot 9. And I really don't like much the new Montmelló chicane, so I reverted for a previous version of your home circuit. I remember the Montermini crash at Montmelló's final corner, but this is gaming :)

And so this is it. I challenged the track builders to crate a short Bahrain track, but I hope they spend some time... playing the game too! There are 400 or 500 tracks for us to play, and for me it's a lifetime challenge because I'm not a teenager no more and time is limited ;-)

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Re: Grand Prix 2020 version

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Thanks for the reply, will try to download all of them :D =D>

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