GP3 tracks as base for GP2 tracks

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GP3 tracks as base for GP2 tracks

Postby Normal » 30.04.2016, 03:13

Might as well ask a quick question here to the people with far more knowlodge than me.

How can i use GP3 tracks as base for GP2 ones? Saw a lot of GP3 tracks being used as base for GP2 tracks, and so will like to try it myself.
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Re: GP3 tracks as base for GP2 tracks

Postby rremedio » 18.05.2016, 00:14

Sorry I didn't see this before. You need to manually make every sector of your GP2 track equal to the original track. The closest thing to an automatic convertion we have is using the "export table data" from GP3 track editor and then import it into GP2 track editor. I've done that before but after you import it you will need to do a lot of cleaning and fixing on the fences (if the track has a lot of sector, it may still be worthy).
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