GP2 on Windows 8?

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GP2 on Windows 8?

Post by GeertVH »


First of all, I'm glad to see that so many people are still loving GP2 after all these years.

I was trying to install the game on my new pc, with Windows 8, and I don't seem to get it right. I tried running it through DFend, as this worked on my old pc, but it just doens't want to work.

Can someone help me out with an easy tutorial on how to get it installed properly?


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Re: GP2 on Windows 8?

Post by RacerBG »

Get a DSOBOX 0.74 SVN build. :wink: ... 30506.html

You decide which to choose.
Also you can try the original 0.74 if you wish.

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Re: GP2 on Windows 8?

Post by AD »

I've got it to work with the original 0.74 version so that's an option, as well. It even does the music and sound again, which I could never coax out of the XP machine I used to play the game for years. So GP2 should be no hindrance if people want to upgrade their system to an OS that will be patched from 2014 onwards...
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