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FGP2 - Formula GP2

Post by rremedio »

Hi guys!

I'm again making a post to invite you to the Formula GP2 league.

For those who don't know, FGP2 is a GP2 hotlap league running since 2001 simulating all F1 seasons and races since the beginning of F1. We are currently at F1 race number 522 (Monaco 1992. Not counting non-championship races, pre-war races, Indianapolis 500 races, F2 races, Le Mans and WSC races and other series we have also run through these years).

We use historical information for engine power and car weight for all cars and we use a system of contract proposals at the end of each season to decide who gets each car for the next season, depending on driver performances.

Our (very outdated) website is http://www.f1mania.net/gp2 and our forum is http://www.f1mania.net/forum

Despite GP2 being such an old game with small community, we have 10-20 drivers every week sending hotlaps.

If you want to test yourself against the best GP2 drivers in the world or just have some fun, we will be very happy to welcome you in our league.

\:D/ \:D/ \:D/

Thank you!

Roberto (two times FGP2 champion :-" )
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Re: FGP2 - Formula GP2

Post by RacerBG »

I can't participate because of the university but I wish you good luck with this. I haven't heard of any GP2 leagues lately so Im glad to see that there is one still active. :)

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Re: FGP2 - Formula GP2

Post by Michael82 »

It is a great championship with good drivers level. Unfortunately I can't participate..

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