GP2 and Windows 7

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Re: GP2 and Windows 7

Post by Shadowcat »

I am using Windows 7 on an Acer Aspire 5720Z laptop with 3.2GHz Intel Pentium processor, and DosBox 0.74, and the game plays fine but I find that processor occupancy is often above 100%. Is there any way around this, other than turning down the graphics detail level?

And is it harmful to your computer to play regularly with processor occupancy above 100%?

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Re: GP2 and Windows 7

Post by Peze »

To get lowest PO, cycles settings in dosbox config have to be auto or max, but since it's auto by default, not sure is there any other way. Then it is just the thing of graphics detail, removing mirror details, sky etc. Also if GP2Lap is used, view distance to cars can get very high PO if affecting values are used (to use real car objects instead of textures for longer viewing distances) but that is not set by default - sure it can be set lower values too.

Shouldn't harm your computer as long as the cooling works :)

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Re: GP2 and Windows 7

Post by canon1753 »

I have GP2 working on Windows 10 Pro and Home, and on my ipad through idos2

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Re: GP2 and Windows 7

Post by jakesanson »

Hi folks!

I have finally worked out the DOSBOX option to get GP2Lap up and running on a Windows 7 laptop so it looks like I'm back!

The only thing I haven't clicked with yet is the RCR distances.

1. Editing the CFG file hasn't worked, largely because it isn't registering my changes. Is there a certain file type I need to save this as? (It currently isn't allowing me to save it as a CFG as this is read-only)
2. The Carshape Editor won't work through DOSBOX as it "needs Microsoft Windows" and I can't run it independently because I get the error message "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running", bla bla bla.

Any ideas? Does D-Fend Reloaded work better than DOSBOX for this?
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Re: GP2 and Windows 7

Post by gagarin »

I use Windows 10 and i can easily run GP2 and all utilities simply by using D-Fend Reloaded - its so easy to use
Just do a search for it and download it
Also - download GP2 fro - it s all configured for you and you just press Start the Game and away you go

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Re: GP2 and Windows 7

Post by rremedio »

Nice to see you back, Jake!

D-Fend Reloaded is just a launcher. You will still be running the game through DOSBox. Anyway, it is so good and easy to use that I strongly suggest that you go for D-Fend.

About cfg files. Make sure you right click it, go to properties and remove the Read-Only check mark. Setting DosBox cycles to max and tweaking the other options (I use OpenGL, but DirectX may be better for you) is very important.

I'm on Win10, my laptop is not very fast and depending on the track it can become very slow. So sometimes I use ALT+F8 to use frameskip if PO is very high. It is not ideal, but it is much better than setting a lower frame rate inside GP2.

About the Carshape Editor, this is very odd. It always worked for me in Win7 64bits and it works in Win10 too.
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