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2023 carset????

Posted: 29.05.2023, 21:17
by roland ratzenberger
Hello mates,

Is there any chance of having a new f1 2023 carset for gp2 :-k :-k :-k :-k :-k :-k

Re: 2023 carset????

Posted: 15.08.2023, 00:24
by ismael
Hello everyone,

Here's the unofficial 2023 GP2 carset. Please check notes and pardon any mistake.


Re: 2023 carset????

Posted: 15.08.2023, 14:19
by roland ratzenberger
Many thanks to you ismael and to the guys whose work has been the base for the carset. I have started to lose hope a little bit about a new carset but i am glad i am mistaken \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

Re: 2023 carset????

Posted: 06.09.2023, 02:35
by SimtekPacific

Re: 2023 carset????

Posted: 10.09.2023, 18:06
by granitorenato
I also posted in a topic at a specific topic.

Carset season 2023
10 teams from the 2023 season + 1 extra team from Alpha Tauri with
DeVries and Lawson
+ 1 team with one car (Drugovich with 2022 Aston Martin and Shwartzman with 2022 Ferrari, both participated in free practice this season) + Haas team
2022 with test drivers Fitipaldi and Giovinazzi
If other drivers participate in grand prix starts or free practice on Fridays later this year, I will update, giving preference to those who participate in the GP start.

Re: 2023 carset????

Posted: 10.09.2023, 18:26
by granitorenato
Zhou x Hulk