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Change F7 key

Posted: 08.03.2017, 21:47
by racer63
Hi guys:

Preliminary note: I´m not using DosBox, I know that DosBox can change key maps for games. I use an old PC, GP3 and GP2 dedicated which is better IMO. :mrgreen:

So I Was wandering if F7 TC key can be assigned to some other key for activate/deactivate while driving. In GP2 the help keys and control keys can`t be changed, while in GP3 you can create a new set for steering, gears, brake and throtle, BUT the function keys can`t be changed.

So GP2 is using an own key map that prevents changes even from other programs, such as the excellent KeyTweak. Also Years ago, when I used a joystick to drive, recall of having a little dos program to change any key to one of the stick buttons. I don´t have the stick anymore and nowadays I just drive with keyboard.

Question is there any way to remap the F7 so I can just use it in certain parts of some tracks?