Default car setup for "Quick Race"?

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Default car setup for "Quick Race"?

Post by ecodrive »

Hey folks,

what kind of car setup is automatically chosen if I select "Quick Race" at - for example - Spa-Francorchamps?
The *.TSU file?
For your Information: This file in the "gpsaves" directory has been deleted by myself. :wink:

Does it make a difference if I load a fix car setup during a "Non-Championship-Race" right before changing to "Quick Race"?
Will the car setup be saved for further "Quick Races"?
Will the car setup also be saved while changing to another race circuit? :-k

Thank you all for so many suggestions and comments regarding everything possible or unpossible for GP2 in this forum!
That keeps the legend of Grand Prix 2 ("born" in 1994 :P ) still alive! \:D/

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Re: Default car setup for "Quick Race"?

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From what I've tried, it appears to load whichever setup you specify under "driving options" in the menu, where you can specify a setup, or load a setup file before going to track. The standard appears to be front wing at 10, rear wing at 12 and so on. Individual settings for each country / track (Brazil, Pacific, San Marino, ...) appear to apply to the quick race, and are applied if you start a single race event. Changes you make during a single race event are apparently noted as well. But I'm assuming this is just stored in memory unless you excplicitly save a file, because when I quit the game and start it again, it reverts to the standard.
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