Issues installing the game

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Issues installing the game

Post by Slib »

Hey everyone

I have purchased the cd to GP2 but I am having issues installing the game. I loved this game as a kid and would love to make it work again.

I am using dosbox 0.74. I have copied the entire cd to my computer to make it easier for me. I've mounted the drive, and noticed that for some reason it says that my CD rom drive is too slow for the game to run properly. Of course I ignored it because I wont be using my cd rom drive anyway. But as I was installing the game, it freezes at 0 percent. After having copied gp2.exe to C.

So I dont know what to do! Because it wont even install!

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Issues installing the game

Post by AD »

First of all, welcome aboard, Slib!

An unmodified version of the game will always want you to have the CD in the drive anyway, even if you choose "optimum installation" (the 58 MB option). If you just copied all the files to hard drive and haven't mounted the CD ROM, even running GP2.EXE straight up will just abort, throwing you a "CD DRIVE/MSCDEX not detected error". Unless you're wanting to install/use a NOCD patch, the game won't run without the CD.

The setup halting at 0 % (which I've verified, trying what you described) ties in with that, since the INSTALL.EXE attempts to check the speed of the CD drive – and if it hasn't been mounted, it says "0 bps" for the drive's speed, so effectively, it couldn't properly detect the drive / the CD, hence the lack of progress.

It does work if you mount the CD-ROM in DOSBox (e. g. "mount e e:\ -t cdrom") and run INSTALL from there. That should pass any speed checks easily (with a bps value in the thousands, rather than the 300 they've set as the kind of target value they liked at the time) and it copies the files properly once you've specified a directory (keep in mind that if you've mounted, for example c:\games, the path c:\gp2 in the setup will make the directory c:\games\gp2).

I hope this helps you, and you can enjoy the game once more. (I just did a run at Imola with an old setup, and I was 2 seconds off the pace. :))
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