Slipstream in GP2

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Slipstream in GP2

Post by ismael » 07.08.2018, 23:17

In 1993, according to Minardi driver Christian Fittipaldi, "the speed differential was 289km/h [Martini] against 314km/h [Fittipaldi]. You can't take it all in the slipstream, because you gain no more than three or five km/h." ... me/639948/

I usually think that the slipstream effect in GP2 is a little bit exaggerated - but useful as it is, of course.

What do you guys think? Did you ever think about reducing the slipstream in the editors?

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Re: Slipstream in GP2

Post by rremedio » 08.08.2018, 16:27

Yes, it is exaggerated.

Belini managed to improve it for GP3 and GP32K. I tried to do the same for GP2 based on his patches but I didn't get any results. I still think it is possible, I just lacked the necessary knowledge about Assembly. It isn't just the case of changing some values, you need to change the flow of a few routines in the game.

If someone wants to give it a try, studing the Belini patches for GP3/GP32k would be a good starting point.
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