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by rjbetty
04.04.2013, 13:49
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Topic: gp2limit?
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Hi everyone, I'm kinda new here. :) (I'm also a guy btw) Well I really have to say thank you to everyone for maintaining this place and for all you've done, as I still feel GP2 is the best of the Geoff Crammond games. I was wanting to ask if anyone knew how to get gp2limit to run on Windows 7. I can...
by rjbetty
01.04.2013, 23:52
Forum: General Forum / Requests
Topic: micropros gp2 on windows 7 how to
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Re: micropros gp2 on windows 7 how to

Um hey, Sorry I'm kinda new here, but would anyone be able to help me cos I can't get gp2limit to work in Windows 7. I use D-FEND Reloaded and get a dos window, in which I have to type the address to the gp2 file. I do this but the window just shuts down and nothing happens. So I can't use the new g...
by rjbetty
09.09.2011, 14:13
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Topic: Working in Windows 7
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Re: Working in Windows 7

Hello. Can anyone help me with GP2Edit? I installed it on an older PC at an internet café, saved it on a memory stick and brought it back home. Initially it worked fine and imported the initial data from GP2, but now it won't import or export anything. Any time I try, the progress bar comes up but ...