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by Rej40
01.10.2017, 17:30
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Topic: Wheel issue - help?
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Wheel issue - help?

Hi everyone, I recently re-installed Grand Prix 2. The game works fantastic, but when I calibrate my wheel (Logitech Driving Force GT) the "dot" shakes significantly left and right. When I drive, it causes the car to dart around left and right, making it difficult to keep the car in line (or on the ...
by Rej40
11.06.2007, 14:34
Forum: General Forum / Requests
Topic: What's your Favorite Track for GP2 ????
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Bremgarten (biggest roller coaster ride ever)
Nurburgring Sudschleife
Rouen '68
Reims '66
Interlagos '73
Aida (yes call me crazy but I love driving that track)
1980s Zandvoort
Montjuic Park
by Rej40
10.06.2007, 16:27
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Topic: Members info - please write in!
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Name: Rej LeBlanc Country: Canada Province: New Brunswick Age: 20 Work: business student Hobbys: GP2, Karting, Hockey (of course, i'm canadian :lol: ), Racing of any kind, music.. I first tried Grand Prix 2 at age 9 in 1996, when my friend bought it. I got it for my 10th birthday in '97 and played e...