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Title Author Date Download type of file
1999 Lola B98-10 Sportracer Christopher Rimmer 27.05.99 .cpd
Race-Cars Cockpit Pack Ingo Serf 03.10.99 pcx+patch
Virtual Mirrors for Race-Cars Andreas Schulz 13.01.09 pcx+patch
Install .cpd cockpits with  CPDirect 1.1
or   GP2 Cockpit Designer  or  GP2edit  .
Install .pcx cockpits with GP2edit or replace 
the files in the Bitmaps folder.
Install .gp2 cockpits with  GP2edit  .

=  patch works only with the 
UK English and US English version 
of GP2.EXE !!!

1999 Lola B98-10 Sportracer - Christopher Rimmer

Race-Cars Cockpit Pack - Jaguar XJ-220-Race Cockpit

Race-Cars Cockpit Pack - Jaguar XJ-220-Street Cockpit

Race-Cars Cockpit Pack - Generic Le Mans Cockpit

Race-Cars Cockpit Pack - Mercedes CLK-GTR Cockpit

Virtual Mirrors for Race-Cars - Generic Le Mans Cockpit


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