GP2 Tracks Manager

The editor contain these features

    * Direct import/Export from/to GP2.
    * Edit country, tracks ID, names...
    * Multiple adjectives editor (non english versions).
    * Edit traks laps.
    * Edit tyres wear.
    * Edit tracks filename.
    * Edit quick race lenght.
    * Edit season year.
    * Edit points.
    * Move up/down by simple click your tracks order.
    * Add tracks to the list.
    * Delete tracks from list.
    * Choose witch tracks you want to install and uninstall.
    * JAD <=> JAM converter
    * Menu tracks pictures editor
    * Teams / Drivers grip/names/... editor
    * Manage illimited tracks, the list will be saved at each end of the program.
    * External records editor launcher.
    * External pit editor launcher.
    * Save your list to distribue it or re-use it easily.
    * Easy interface for a better management and utilisation.
    * Some other minor function hasn't been include in this page 
        (like general setting/ driving help editor etc...)