For Grand Prix 2 by MicroProse

Cars / Carsets / Team Files from closed GP2 RACING LEAGUES

"A racing series with a difference:
You don't need to drive. You submit a team and/or driver and they're raced in a fantasy competition. 
Each race the performance is changed from the default GP2edit levels based on the results."

A "Ready to Race" carset based on two LSDM carsets.
including rules original carsets
arranged by AAS - 08.02.10

Ajay - Audi

Jerel Racing - Alfa Romeo

Royal Racing - Chevrolet

MCGF1 - Honda

TerrF1 - Volkswagen

Psycho Rydas - Renault

MCG - Ford

Black Magic - Ferrari

Titan - Ferrari

Lotus - Proton

Radar Racing - Audi

ASR Premiere - Opel


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