For Grand Prix 2 by MicroProse

Cars / Carsets / Team Files from closed GP2 RACING LEAGUES
(September 2000 - May 2002)
" League is a F1 offline PC-simulation-racing-league organizing a FREE championship. 
Anyone owning Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2 is allowed to register for FREE. 
You race against the computer cars and then your qualifying- and race results are collectively assembled 
and compiled with all the other participants."

A "Ready to Race" carset based on two League 2000-2001carsets.
including rules, original carsets
arranged by AAS - 18.01.10


Graminger - Jaguar

A-Team - Lancia

GR Racing - Bmw

Afternet - Fiat

Propero - Honda

Acon - Bmw

Germany - Nissan

Berta - Ford

Qantas - Ford

IRS Racing - Mercedes

Swiss Car - Alfa

Quebec - Honda

Dell - Ford


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