For Grand Prix 2 by MicroProse

Cars / Carsets / Team Files from closed GP2 RACING LEAGUES
"Grand Prix II - ATCC Racing League
A competition based on Aussie V8s."

A "Ready to Race" carset based on ATCC Racing League carsets.
(empty seats filled up with CAMS GP2 drivers.and 
members of the Australian Gp2 Hotlap Championship) 
arranged by AAS -09.05.12

Sonar Racing - Falcon AU

OzTech - Tickford V8

Team Honda Accord

Leyland - P76

Llama Racing - Falcon

Barmy Army - Commodore

Llama Racing - BMW 320i

Wombat - Falcon AU

Stares - Commodore VT

AMR - Commodore

Aussie - Commodore

Alpha  Bravo - Commodore

Krusty - Commodore


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